Online Privacy Policy
In relation to your proposed usage and/or participation in and/or access to one or more of the services (the "Services") that can be accessed through Bank of America Direct, Bank of America CashPro® Online and / or any successor access channel(s) offered by us from time to time (the "Website"), we hereby request you to read very carefully our Privacy Policy herein and print it for your future reference. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, handle and transfer all private, confidential, personal or banking information about you and/or your business and/or accounts (collectively "Information") to and between countries that may not have well-developed or equivalent data protection or banking secrecy legislation or may have different and varying degrees of data protection and banking secrecy laws as compared to those in the country or city where you are located or incorporated or carrying on business or your accounts are located, and your use of the Website signifies your agreement to such handling and usage and consent to the transfer and possible disclosure of your Information through the Website in the course of and for the Services. The Privacy Policy for the use of the Services may be different from the privacy policy utilized for other Bank of America, N.A. services. In addition, by using the Website, you may have access to links to other websites (each a "Linked Website"), each of which may have a separate privacy policy. In the event of any conflict between this Privacy Policy and the privacy policy of any Linked Website, the privacy policy of the Linked Website shall control.
In this Privacy Policy references to "you" or "your" means:
  • You as an individual; and
  • If you are accessing the Website for any Services provided by us from time to time on behalf of your employer or a subsidiary or an affiliate of your employer, includes you in your individual capacity and your employer and any subsidiary or affiliate of your employer.
References to "we", "us" or "Bank of America" means Bank of America, N.A., Bank of America Corporate Center, 100 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28255, Tel: 800 432 1000 and, as applicable, any of its subsidiaries, affiliates and branches. The list, locations, and contact information of the subsidiaries, affiliates and branches of Bank of America is provided at the following web page:
Our online practices fall into three main areas:
  1. Gathering and using, handling and transferring online information. Bank of America gathers and uses information so we can better serve your needs.
  2. Protecting your security online. Bank of America employs technology and other security practices shown to protect personal and business information from unauthorized disclosure or use.
  3. Linking to other sites. Bank of America provides links to other companies' sites to bring you products and services.

We have explained these in further detail below.

Your Role
You play an important role in safeguarding any personal and business information you may share online. We have set out below some actions you should take to protect you and your company's privacy.
Gathering Information
Bank of America where relevant gathers information and data from you in various ways:

When you register on-line;

  • By our use of "Cookies" (see next section);
  • During the course of your use of the Website; and
  • In your transactions with us.
Much of this data may be comprised of business information and confidential information. Some of it may comprise personal data about individuals (i.e., name, surname, phone number, email, employer, bank account information, or transaction information), to which data protection laws apply, or about bank account information, to which banking secrecy laws apply. We do not collect sensitive personal data about you through this Website. This Privacy Policy describes Bank of America's approach to fulfilling our obligations under the data protection laws and the banking secrecy laws and to our use, handling and transfer of the Information we receive about you. In addition, Information we receive in the US from consumers is covered by our Bank of America Privacy Policy for consumers which can be accessed through a link at the bottom of the home page.
To the extent that you provide information about transaction beneficiaries to this Website, you agree that you, your employer, or the subsidiary or affiliate of your employer, has complied with applicable data protection and other laws in respect of such information, including notifying the transaction beneficiaries of the disclosure of their data to us, obtaining their prior consent thereto where legally required, and our use, handling and transfer of the data for the purposes of completing and performing the requested transactions, complying with Bank policies on anti-money laundering and other matters, and otherwise complying with applicable legal requirements.
Device Information
To learn more about what information your device makes available to us, please also check the policies of your device manufacturer or software provider.
This Website uses persistent and/or session cookies. Persistent cookies remain on your computer until you delete them or they expire. Session, or transient, cookies do not stay on your computer after you close your browser to conclude your current session.
A cookie is a piece of information that is stored in the browser's memory. Cookies can contain a variety of information relating to your use of a website and your requirements or interests. This may range from a simple count of how often you visit a website to information which allows customization of a website for your use.
Bank of America may use these cookies to customize the Website, to identify you as an authorized user, and to display information more effectively to our users. We also may use these cookies to gather data and information about the usage of our Website. We do not use cookies to collect or store personally identifiable information about you. Any time when cookies are used, the information is encrypted for our use only and should be protected from third party access. If you wish to control or prevent the use of cookies, you may utilize the tools on your Internet browser to do so. Please note, however, that you may be required to enable cookies to use parts of the Website.
Using Information
Bank of America handles and uses the information we collect for the following purposes:
  • to identify you as a representative of your corporate entity;
  • to provide efficient and timely services and deal with your inquiries and transaction needs;
  • where necessary to provide data to our subsidiaries, affiliates or branches, or other banks or third parties which provide services to us, to facilitate the completion of a transaction, to comply with our anti-money laundering or other compliance programs, for record keeping or in fulfillment of other legal or business requirements.
Information may be disclosed to: regulatory or government bodies, central banks, securities exchanges, law enforcement authorities, or other third parties where we are required or permitted by law or governmental regulations, central bank rules and practices or any securities exchange or regulatory or governmental body to which we or you are subject or submit; to auditors or other third parties with regard to an audit or inspection; or to beneficiaries, clients, or other third parties when such disclosure is necessary for us to process your requests or transactions. Bank of America does not sell, rent or otherwise commercially exploit your personal or business data.
Storage of Data and Use by Service Providers
Our servers used for these Services may be located in the United States or other parts of the world, including jurisdictions that may not have the same data protection and banking secrecy requirements as those in your jurisdiction. We may use information technology and other subcontractors to provide storage and other services to us (including contingency, back up, and other information technology support services). Your use of the Website signifies your authorization and agreement that we may disclose all Information now or hereafter received or possessed by us to third parties who work for us in order to facilitate transactions and/or our provision of services to you. Any third party engaged to provide these services will be required to act solely on our instructions in relation to the treatment of your Information and will agree to keep the Information secure and confidential.
Data Export
For the purposes outlined above, we may send your data to other international jurisdictions which may not have well developed data protection or banking secrecy laws. However, we only intend to transfer your Information to Bank of America or our subsidiaries, affiliates, and branches and to persons providing services to us as described above (under the headings "Using Information" and "Storage of Data and Use by Service Providers") wherever they are located which may in turn transfer it to Bank of America or our subsidiaries, affiliates, and branches or other service providers in other locations. We also may transfer Information to regulatory or government authorities, central banks, securities exchanges, or law enforcement where required by law, or otherwise necessary in connection with our anti-money laundering or other compliance programs. For any queries on the above, we can be contacted as described under "Contacting Us" below.
You may not have rights under data protection laws or banking secrecy laws in those locations and there may even be no such laws in some of these locations.
Your use of the Website constitutes your consent to the transfer, use and disclosure of your Information as outlined above.
Protecting Your Security and Confidentiality Online
Keeping financial and personal information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. We value your trust and handle personal and bank account information and data with care.
Personal Data Access
You have the right to access personal data that we hold about you, and to request that we modify, amend, correct, or erase any personal data that is incomplete, inaccurate, outdated or not used in accordance with applicable laws. We reserve the right to verify to our reasonable satisfaction the accuracy and completeness of any requested modifications or amendments. To obtain more information regarding exercising such rights, you may contact us as described under "Contacting Us" below. We may charge a small fee for an access request and seek satisfactory proof of identification. In instances where your registration information or other personal data is provided to us by your employer or the subsidiary or affiliate of your employer, you may also need to contact such entity to modify or amend such data.
E-mail Security
Regular Internet e-mail is not secure. When Bank of America provides Internet e-mail addresses, you should use them to provide information that is non-sensitive and non-confidential. We ask that you do not provide personal or account information through e-mail.
Contacting Us
If you have any questions, and/or if you wish to notify us regarding any loss, theft, misappropriation or other unauthorized use of a user ID, password, or other security feature related to the Website or the Services, please refer to the following contacts for your region:
Asia. Please contact Asia Technical Helpdesk at, or by phone at these numbers:
Australia : (61) 2 8749 4333 | Beijing : (8610) 5960 5666
Guangzhou : (8620) 8116 2226 | Shanghai : (8621) 6160 8777
Hong Kong : (852) 3508 2700 | Bangalore : (9180) 6600 6255
Mumbai : (9122) 6632 3777 | New Delhi : (9111) 6616 2888
Indonesia : (62) 21 2955 3773 | Malaysia : (60) 3 2034 3969
Philippines : (63) 2 815 5588 | Seoul : (82) 02 788 1790
Singapore : (65) 6678 3300 | Taiwan : (8862) 2728 9863
Thailand : (662) 305 2990 | Japan : (81) 3 6758 5156

Note: BANA Seoul clients should only use the Seoul contact number for technical support.

Europe, Middle East & Africa. Please contact Technical Support at, or by phone at + 44 (0) 20 8313 2154.
Latin America. Please contact Technical Support at or call (469) 330 1160.
US and Canada. Please contact Technical Support at or call (888) 589-3473.
Bank of America may change the above contact information from time to time and in such event shall notify you through the Website.
Secure Transmissions
To ensure information remains confidential, Bank of America uses encryption technology such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) on the Website to transmit information between you and Bank of America.
Linking to other sites
We may provide links to non-Bank of America companies, such as credit bureaus or merchants. If you choose to link to websites not controlled by Bank of America, we are not responsible for the privacy or security of these sites, or for the accuracy, completeness, reliability, suitability or quality of their information, products or services. If you are asked to provide information on one of these websites we strongly urge you first to study carefully their privacy policies.
Your Role
Taking Individual Responsibility for Protecting Personal Information.
While Bank of America works to protect your privacy, you also play an important role in protecting and maintaining any personal information you may share online.
To help safeguard your information, we suggest the following:
Please keep us informed of changes to you and your company's contact or other details by contacting the contacts for your region as described under "Contacting Us" above.
Do not share your ID or password with anyone.
Change your password regularly.
Remember to sign off once you have submitted an application for a product or service online, or completed a secure online session.
Only provide your user ID when your browser indicates an encrypted connection, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), directly to the Website or to another site you have investigated and fully trust.
Beware of email security. Please see the comments set out above.


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